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Free London Gallery Weekend Participation & Artlogic Subscription
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  • Please note that we are no longer accepting applications.

  • Receive over £10,000 in support today.

    Receive over £10,000 in support today.

    Our 'Young & Emerging Gallery Initiative' will help 3 of the UK's newest and brightest galleries participate in this year's London Gallery Weekend by sponsoring their entry fee and providing a year's free subscription to the Artlogic platform, for a combined value of over £10,000 per gallery.





    As the leading provider of operation and sales solutions for galleries, we are committed to ensuring young and emerging galleries thrive in the art world's ever-changing online landscape.


    Seeking to support and encourage their success, this new initiative will provide young & emerging galleries with tools to help scale their business online and connect with collectors and new audiences during this year's vibrant London Gallery Weekend.


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    Find out more about the London Gallery Weekend here.




  • How the initiative can help you.

    Free London Gallery Weekend participation

    Free participation in this year's London Gallery Weekend in the London Central, East or South area. You don't need to have a permanent physical space to enter but you will need to have a space during the weekend.


    Free Artlogic subscription

    1 year free subscription to the Artlogic platform and 1:1 consultations with a senior Artlogic specialist to advise you on how best to use your database and website products.



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  • "We want to ensure that young and emerging galleries can benefit from our platform, and we hope this initiative becomes a meaningful part of their success story for years to come. We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with the London Gallery Weekend to make this possible."

    Joe Elliott, Co-Managing Director, Artlogic