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  • We power over 95 million art world emails a year

    Our email marketing tools make it easy for galleries to create beautiful campaigns. Our powerful email builder helps your exhibitions, art fairs and artworks shine whilst our campaign tools and analytics capabilities enable you to grow your collector audience and confidently drive revenue growth.

  • Create stunning newsletters

    Send emails that make a lasting impression with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder. You can make any email or newsletter look and feel exactly how you want it to. Apply your gallery colours, images, style and text to bring your exhibitions, stories and artworks to life.
    Create stunning newsletters
  • Manage and grow your audience

    Manage and grow your audience

    With seamlessly integrated website and sales plans, you can transform how you approach marketing at your art gallery. You can easily turn website visitors and prospective clients into engaged collectors. Our comprehensive CRM tools help you effortlessly monitor and curate lists of your highly engaged collectors, ensuring personalised and targeted email campaigns that foster meaningful connections and grow revenue.

  • Streamline your communications

    Streamline your communications

    Keep track of all your marketing campaigns for exhibitions, art fairs and private events in a single view. Create campaigns in advance and send tests to ensure you hit the mark with your collectors each time. You can also view all your campaigns in one place and create targeted lists based on contact interests or engagement rates.
  • Less guessing, more certainty

    Less guessing, more certainty

    Take the guesswork out of creating your email campaigns and use data and reporting to drive decisions. Our reporting helps you understand how engaged collectors are with stats on opens and clicks.
  • Making in-person events effortless

    Planning and managing events for art fairs, dinner parties or private views can be stressful, and our event tools aim to simplify and streamline so you can focus on the event at hand. You can create contact lists to send invitations, check people in on your iPhone or iPad on the day and send follow-ups to all the attendees.
  • Conversations that make an impact

    Conversations that make an impact

    Being able to spark the right conversations with collectors and advisors is key. Our tools help you easily plan and track your events so that before and during an event, you can focus on who you will speak with and who you need to follow up with after. It also helps you plan future events, understand where you are having success, where you are seeing more sales (when connected with our Sales Professional plan) and which events might need improvement.