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  • About Artlogic

    We're here to shape the art world of tomorrow

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  • Empowering a more creative future

    Artlogic was born in 1989 when our then Co-Founder Peter Chater set about streamlining and simplifying his gallery workflow through what was then new computer technology. Since then, we've grown to a community of over 4,500 galleries, artists and collectors, empowering over 12,000 art world professionals to do their best work every day and securely storing and sharing over 10 million artworks.

  • Everything starts with the art

    Everything starts with the art

    Our CEO, Mike Profit, and President & Chief Commercial Officer, Joe Elliott, alongside our leadership team, have over 30 years of experience in the intersection of art and technology. In 2022, they oversaw the merger with prominent New York-based art tech firms ArtBase, exhibit-E, and galleryManager, seamlessly integrating their expertise and unique product knowledge into the Artlogic platform.

    At the heart of their mission is a profound appreciation for art. Mike, Joe, and the team are driven by the opportunity to innovate and develop groundbreaking products. They are dedicated to collaborating with our expanding community of galleries, artists, and collectors, shaping the future of the art world with passion and expertise.

  • Artlogic facts

  • Leadership team

    • Mike Profit

      Mike Profit

      Chief Executive Officer

    • Joe Elliott

      Joe Elliott

      President & Chief Commercial Officer

    • James Blandford

      James Blandford

      Chief Financial Officer

    • Ian Kershaw

      Ian Kershaw

      Chief Technology Officer

    • Kate Perutz

      Kate Perutz

      Vice President of Customers

    • Tanya Van Sant

      Tanya Van Sant

      Vice President of Personnel

  • Our story

    • 1989


      Founder Peter Chater joined the fledgling Karsten Schubert Gallery in London. His years as a Gallery Manager and then Director gave him a solid understanding of the art business and he set about streamlining the gallery workflow through computerisation.

    • 1990


      Peter started working on a contacts database, the first component in what would soon become a fully-fledged art gallery database solution. He named his new system 'Artlogic' and it quickly drew the attention of other London art dealers like Victoria Miro who, at that time, occupied a small gallery in Cork Street, London.

    • 1994


      In 1994, with an increasing number of clients eager to buy the system, Peter left Karsten Schubert Gallery to set up his own business, trading as Artlogic. He recognised immediately that the Internet could transform the way we work and became an early online database evangelist.

    • 1999


      With a background in the literary world and a passion for developing online information projects, David Hooper joined Peter in 1999 and together they cofounded Artlogic Media Ltd.

    • Old Artlogic Website


      By 2006, and with the backing of earlier adopters Victoria Miro Gallery in London and Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco, the first online version of Artlogic was launched. New clients for the online version rapidly followed. "We used to call Artlogic 'the future of art gallery systems' because it was the model of how things would be, ten years later, we don't need to explain it any more." David Hooper 

    • 2016


      Artlogic relaunched its platform to enable future growth plans. Launching new website products that were integrated with the original database structure, allowing galleries and artists to easily create websites from templates. The team had grown to over 15 employees and serviced 300+ clients in more than 40 countries.

    • 2019


      Artlogic welcomed it's 1000th client to the community and launched it's highly anticipated product 'Online Viewing Rooms' which enables galleries and artists to create beautiful online exhibitions. A year earlier Artlogic set up its second office in New York and the team grew to over 40 people.

    • 2022 to now

      2022 to now

      Artlogic found a new long-term strategic partner in Cove Hill Partners, becoming majority shareholders in the business. Joe and the executive team oversaw the merger with New York-based art tech firms ArtBase, exhibit-E and galleryManager. The company has grown to more than 4,500 clients with over 110 employees.

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