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  • The world's leading professional online art inventory system

    Artlogic is a fully integrated and comprehensive fine art database solution, used throughout the world by galleries, dealers, artists, consultants, curators and collectors. Artlogic has been providing the leading internet-based art world system since its launch in 2006. 

  •  Features

    Below is a selection of some of the best features found in Artlogic Online. Features may vary depending on the version of Artlogic you are considering. 




    Store unlimited images and information for artworks, including editions, literature, provenance, shipping, location, ownership history, condition etc. Account for artworks in any currency. Generate a variety of branded documents and reports in seconds.




    Store unlimited information about your clients, artists, suppliers and the people on your email list. Each record includes details of purchases, offers, conversations, consignments, invoices, relevant documents and more. Find contacts by categories, interests or purchasing behaviour. 



    PrivateViews App

    Create and share tailored presentations of artworks and email collectors with details directly from your iPhone or iPad. It works offline for when you are on the road or at art fairs. Artlogic even creates automatic presentations of available works which keep in step with the inventory. 



    Website Integration

    If you have Artlogic Online, just check a box in your inventory to feature the work on your Artlogic website. You can easily add or remove multiple works from the site, with only a few clicks to completely refresh the works displayed for an artist.



    Invoicing & ACCOUNTS

    Create an invoice with ease and automatically update the contacts and artworks records. Add multiple artworks to an invoice, each with different discounts. In accounts, you can build reports, print lists and export data relating to bought, sold and consigned artworks.



    Sales & Marketing

    Boost your sales by creating privately curated webpages for collectors. Record client offers and never miss a sales opportunity. Manage and send personalised marketing emails. Create marketing events, then track attendees and past event histories. 

  • Available on any device, mac, pc & more

    Artlogic is based online so there is no need to install software on any specific machine. As long as you have access to the internet and the correct security settings you can access your your data on any device, anywhere in the world.  

  • Artlogic 3 – Available now

    Introducing our most powerful database yet. Entirely redeveloped from the ground up, Artlogic 3 offers increased control over your inventory, contacts, reports, accounts and more. Available as a free upgrade for all existing clients.

  • Tailored to you

    Built for galleries, artists, collectors, advisors and more

    Having built databases in the art world for over fifteen years we have the expertise to advise on a solution that is best suited to you.



  • For galleries

    For galleries

    Integrated technology for your gallery Read more
  • For artists

    For artists

    Essential tools for artists Read more
  • For collectors

    For collectors

    secure art collection management Read more
  • Pricing

    Pick an Artlogic that’s right for you
  • Choose an Artlogic price plan

    • GBP
    • USD

    Artlogic Pro

    Galleries & Collectors
    £ 180 per month
    £ 120 per month
    2 users included
    + £35per month per extra user

    Artlogic One

    £ 90 per month
    • Slimmed-down
    • Single user system

    Artlogic One

    From £ 35 per month
    £35 / 500 artworks
    £60/ 1500 artworks
    • Slimmed-down
    • Single user system

    Artlogic One

    £ 60 per month
    • Slimmed-down
    • Single user system
  • Artlogic Pro

    The multi user system


    The original fully-featured Artlogic Online database system, Artlogic Pro features unparalleled functionality for power users, large galleries and collections.


    • Inventory, Contacts, Invoicing & Accounts
    • Unlimited artworks
    • Multiple users
    • PrivateViews app on 5 devices
    • Unlimited phone and email support
    • Option to integrate with an Artlogic website
    • Daily backups & regular software updates
    • Marketing & Events list management
    • Mass mailings 2500 emails per month
    • Multiple Accounts sections
    • Custom document headers and footers
    • Access to data import tools
    • Optional bolt-ons available

    The entry-level Single user system


    A slimmed down, single user system, Artlogic One provides fantastic functionality for start-up galleries, dealers, artists, collectors and consultants.


    • Inventory, Contacts, Invoicing & Accounts
    • 1,500 artworks
    • Single user
    • PrivateViews app on 1 iPad + 1 iPhone
    • Unlimited email support
    • Option to integrate with an Artlogic website
    • Daily backups & regular software updates
    • Optional bolt-ons available
    • Access to data import tools
  • Integrate

    Combine Artlogic with the PrivateViews app or a stunning new website
  • thought a database Was all we could help with? think again!

    We pride ourselves on combining any many of your technology needs into one fully integrated solution. We design and develop websites, have an iPhone / iPad app called PrivateViews and offer a mass mailing system.

  • Privateviews App

    present your inventory in Style


    The amazing app for presenting and sharing artworks. Built for iPhone and iPad, we have redefined the way that the art world can present and share artworks to their clients and colleagues. Best of all the app works offline when you don’t have access to WiFi.

  • Beautiful websites

    We specialise in building websites for art galleries, artists and collections. Get started in just a few days with a fully-featured Artlogic website, or choose a tailor-made bespoke website.

    All of our websites are fully mobile friendly, offer shopping cart functionality, SEO tools, technical support and more.


  • Michael Hoppen Gallery with Artlogic Database

    Michael Hoppen Gallery with Artlogic Database

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