5 ways Artlogic Pay improves sales

Build trust with collectors and receive faster payments.
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Artlogic Pay is simple. You create an invoice and send a payment link to your client, they click on it and are taken directly to a secure payment page to complete the transaction – both parties receive confirmation that the payment has been successful.

Here's what Artlogic Pay means for gallerists:

1. Streamlined payments

No more calling clients and entering payment details by hand. By using Artlogic Pay, you can generate near instant invoices, which contain payment links that allow your clients to complete transactions within a few clicks. Payments are settled more promptly, reducing the time you need to spend chasing invoices.

"Artlogic Pay helps because it's immediate and clear when a client has paid."

Says Victoria Kennedy, founder of Kennedy Contemporary.

2. Improved collector experience 

Redirecting your client to a third party payment page can damage trust and create friction in the buyer journey. With Artlogic Pay, the entire transaction takes place within our ecosystem, ensuring the user experience is consistent and seamless: building loyalty and increasing the chance of future sales.

"Being able to say 'here's a link here to a payment platform which is operated through Stripe and you can enter your details and pay via this way' is great."

Quotes Charles Moffett, founder of Charles Moffett gallery.

3. Deposit collection

As well as settling the full balance, you can use payment links to collect a fixed or percentage amount as a deposit. If a collector isn't ready to pay in full, this is a great way to secure a future sale and to make the most of a successful interaction at an art fair. This added level of flexibility really brings a new string to your bow, allowing you to tailor your sales to the individual requirements of each collector.

4. Instant confirmation

Once your client has completed the transaction, your contact, artwork and sales records will update the status of that sale in real-time, giving you and your team instant visibility over what's been paid or partially paid for. Saving you loads of time as you don't have to manually check your bank statement, or chase your client for confirmation of payment.

5. Better security

Building trust with collectors is crucial. Artlogic's partnership with Stripe allows security to form the backbone of Artlogic Pay. As a secure, globally-trusted payments service provider, Stripe is compliant with PCI-DSS, which ensures the highest standards of data security for online payments, generating extra peace of mind when it comes to transactions processed through Artlogic Pay. 

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November 15, 2023