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For galleries, artists & collectors.

If you have Artlogic Online, our art gallery database system, just check a box in your inventory to feature the work on your Artlogic website.  A simple process enables you to add or remove multiple works to the site, so it just takes a few clicks to completely refresh the works displayed for an artist. We can program  bespoke sites to show secondary images and detailed information about each work (commentary, provenance, etc.) if desired. If you want the site to show prices or red dots, this information will be altered automatically when prices change or work sells.



No matter how good the site looks, it has to stay looking fresh. In order to sell artworks, the information has to be up-to-date. That is why we believe that intuitive, sophisticated and effective content management is at the heart of a successful website. With our content management system (CMS), you won't be making do with an inappropriate generic system. We have developed a whole suite of features created specifically for managing art gallery websites including a drag-and-drop mechanism for choosing and reordering the artworks in your exhibitions and a mechanism for linking artists' pages to relevant exhibitions, news stories and publications on your site with just a few clicks.  Your staff will be able to maintain your website with the absolute minimum of skill, time, training and effort. You won't need to know how to program to make all the changes to your website content.  You will of course need some image manipulation software but you won't need any special software for the website nor any training. You can manage the site, like our database system, using your favourite browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Explorer.



At Artlogic we are experts in designing and building some of the best art gallery websites, having worked in the field for fifteen years. We have designed many highly successful websites for galleries all around the world ranging from pop-up and virtual galleries through to household names. We keep raising the bar for both design and functionality. Our experience can make short work of guiding you through a lot of decisions, anticipating your requirements and providing you with an amazing site that will be simple for you to update and will look impressive for years to come.



The vast majority of all our work is bespoke and it starts with us helping to identify and discuss your requirements. The design and build process is accompanied by an ongoing discussion and we build the solution in response to the client's ideas, needs and requirements. Prices start at GBP 6,000 and are entirely geared around the client's desires and their budget. See the enormous diversity of our bespoke art websites and contact us to start a conversation.


If you just want to trade up to a beautiful website with all the sections, features, mechanisms and design strengths of some of the best gallery websites around, we also have a ready-made option. For just GBP 2,500, we can set up a new website for you in a couple of days, with your logo, your font and background colour preferences, in your choice of five website designs which will all work beautifully on mobile phone and tablets (known as 'responsive' design). Behind the scenes, our ready-made websites for artists, collections and art galleries are just as clever and easy to use as our bespoke sites and  can similarly be updated directly from the inventory of Artlogic Online. Read more about our ready-made websites or contact us.



If you have Artlogic Online but would prefer to work with another web agency, that is not a problem. We have a data feed service that can supply artwork data and images to websites created by an external developer.  This enables you to control the artworks on your website with the same checkboxes used for Artlogic websites. There is no set up cost and very low annual cost for this service.  Contact us for more information.