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Let’s talk about Onboarding. Firstly, what is it? Simply put, once you’ve made the choice to use Artlogic, you’ll need to migrate all of your existing data to your new Artlogic system – we call this process Onboarding. 

Onboarding properly is an essential step when it comes to setting you up for success with Artlogic. But, not everyone will need to use our Onboarding service; galleries or studios with smaller or simpler data sets can use the self-import tool to move their data over. However, galleries with a lot of complex, interlinked data tend to use Artlogic’s professional Onboarding service to ensure a smooth transition.

Onboarding makes your life easier. The Onboarding service involves our team of experts importing data from an existing system (such as Art Systems or Arternal) to Artlogic. Unique fields are matched up with best or equal equivalents, and all data is handled sensitively with security top-of-mind. Bespoke Onboarding projects also facilitate a consultation period, during which time you’ll be asked to give commentary and feedback on any necessary alterations.

It’s no secret that one of your biggest business assets is your data. Data is the new oil in the digital era, and it stands to reason that you do everything in your power to ensure the safe, secure, and professional handling of that data. And, with the average cost of a data breach reaching USD 4.45 million, IBM reports, it’s business critical that your data is handled correctly.

Since 2020, over 1000 clients have trusted Artlogic with the handling of their data

Put it this way: if your gallery was relocating physically, you wouldn’t entrust your most valuable artwork to the cheapest, least experienced art-handlers, would you? Instead, you’d invest in the best professionals with decades of experience, well-versed in the unique requirements of both your gallery and its works. The handling of your data is no different. For something as valuable as data, it’s crucial that it’s imported from one system to another with the utmost professionalism. Artlogic exists to offer a superior data migration service as part of our Onboarding offering, so you can rest easy that one of your business’ biggest assets is properly protected.

Artlogic’s Onboarding process is unique and unrivalled within the market. With pre-built Onboarding plans for over 30 existing systems, Artlogic can deliver a speedy Onboarding experience in most cases. Since 2020, over 1000 clients have trusted Artlogic with the handling of their data, having safely and successfully Onboarded. 

Onboarding FAQs: 

  • Why do I need to Onboard ?

    Once you’ve chosen to move to Artlogic, it’s essential to migrate your data. For client’s who are unable to use the self-import tool, Artlogic’s Onboarding service ensures that your data remains safe, secure, and properly inputted. This helps you hit the ground running, facilitating the smoothest transition from your old system to Artlogic.

  • What’s the return on investment?

    Artlogic tailors the Onboarding service to suit the needs of your business. So, when you come to use Artlogic, everything you need is ready to go. Artlogic are the industry experts, making sure that your data is protected, handled, and migrated to the highest standards available. We’ll work with you to ensure everything is in the correct place and resolve any issues.

    One of the biggest returns on investment is peace-of-mind: knowing that one of the most important assets your business has is being properly processed with professionalism takes the weight off, giving you the confidence that you’ve entrusted your data to the industry experts.

  • What if my data is unclean / messy?

    We encourage clients to organise and ‘clean’ their data before we work on it. We can’t clean your existing data for you, however, if you don’t manage to get all of your data sorted before the Onboarding process starts, don’t worry, many clients tell us that going into the system and tidying up their data is a great way to get to know their new set up in Artlogic.

  • Will it take a long time?

    The whole Onboarding process is designed to alleviate time pressure. For galleries with less data, we offer a shorter time frame, and the process for this will take about one month: one week migration, one week of checks, one week of amends. During this shorter process, you will need to be available to provide feedback to Artlogic.

    For more complex data sets, the initial consultation can take several weeks, during which time you are still able to use your old system. For such projects, we offer a tailored Onboarding plan – a process that can take a few months. This time allows us to build custom code which matches your old database to Artlogic in an accurate and data-safe way. Remember, a quick job is never a good job, which is why we dedicate all of the time and resources necessary to make every migration as swift and secure as possible.

  • Will the team need training?

    For complex projects, Artlogic provides access to training, along with a highly responsive Client Liaison Team who are on-call should your team need support whilst getting set up. Additional one-to-one training hours are also available to purchase, no matter which Onboarding package you buy. Plus, there is a wealth of online support available via our support pages.


Your data is a valuable asset to your business, and migrating it from one place to another takes careful handling and expertise. Artlogic are the longstanding experts within this field, trusted by thousands of clients all over the world. We don’t take shortcuts or apply quick fixes, we’re dedicated to handling each data set securely from the very onset of each project. We run a tight ship so that your Onboarding experience is as smooth-sailing as possible, no matter the complexity of the project.

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February 7, 2024