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  • Laptop and iPhone wit example pages of the Artlogic Database
  • The powerful single user system

    We are excited to offer Artlogic One our single user system, which has all the great core features of Artlogic Pro at a smaller price. It is perfect for start-ups or smaller galleries, private dealers, collectors, artists, curators and advisers.


  • Artlogic One features modules for inventory management, contacts management, billing & accounts, documents & reports, a mechanism to publish private web pages containing art works, plus iPad / iPhone app for viewing artworks offline and sending sales emails. Artlogic One starts with 1,500 artworks but grows as you grow, with options to expand your account as your inventory and needs develop.

  • Features Included

    • Contacts management - Search contacts by categories, interests and activity levels which you create, plus purchase history for each client.
    • Inventory management - Access to 500 or 1,500 records with multiple images and detailed information.
    • Robust reporting and document creation features - Setup of your document headers and footers for fact sheets, price lists, invoices, etc.
    • Invoicing & Accounts - Generate invoices, manage accounting details, track payments received and paid to artists, create credit notes, add sundry items to invoices, run reports that export to spreadsheet with your choice of columns.
    • Create unlimited private presentation web pages known as ‘Private Views’ - Perfect for creating tailored sales presentations for clients.
    • Integration with Artlogic websites - Automatic sync with Artlogic websites. Read more about Artlogic Websites.
    • Secure daily backups, 24/7 service monitoring, encrypted connection
    • Free Artlogic upgrades - Artlogic is in constant development and you will receive all future Artlogic upgrades and improvements as part of your monthly costs.
    • Send sales emails - Send sales emails directly from the database to multiple contacts and track them in the offers mechanism. Send up to 1,000 emails for free.
    • Offers - Create and track all artwork offers in one place. Make offers 'Exclusive' or 'Accept' and 'Decline'.
    • Prints & Editions management - Use the 'Edition Data record' tool to automatically create and edit edition records.
    • PrivateViews app - Access your manually created and automatic presentations of artworks from some or all of your artists using our FREE PrivateViews app available on one iPhone & one iPad.
    • Library & Publication - Catalogue your entire library and your publications for sale. Upload images and manage stock levels. 
    • Email support - Provided during UK and US office hours, Monday to Friday 9:30am GMT/EST to 6pm GMT. Urgent email support 24/7.
    • Image storage - Upload up to 75GB of images for free.
    • Document storage - Upload up to 2.5GB of documents for free in our documents archive.  
    • Access to data import tools - Reorganise your data into our contacts and artworks excel templates and import the data using our built in import tools.
    • Artlogic + Artsy Integration - Effortlessly share artworks from your database to your Artsy account.
  • What's Not Included

    • Phone support is not included. 
    • Marketing and Events - the ability to manage events at the gallery. 
    • No additional 'galleries' or separate company invoices systems.
    • Other users and different privileges. As a single user system, there is only one username and password with one tier of access and only one person may use the system at any one time. Support is offered to a single named individual. 



    Optional extras

    • More artworks @ GBP 10 per month per 250 works - edition records with a 'Edition Data records' count as one work.
    • Imports (Artworks GBP 250, Contacts: GBP 100).
    • Contacts & calendar synchronisation - Link up your contacts and calendar events from Artlogic directly to the native apps on your personal devices (from GBP 10 p/m for 2 devices).
    • High resolution storage - store all file types and link them to artworks (GBP 15 p/m for the first 50GB of data and then GBP 5 p/m for each additional 50GB of data).
    • Mass mailings - You receive 1,000 free messages per month and we will bill you for what you use in line with the monthly fees shown on this chart. All sales and offer emails, system notifications and all invitations, newsletters, press releases, etc. will count towards your allowance. Contact us for more details.

  • Purchasing

    If you are interested in purchasing the system or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.


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