Essential tools for artists studios
  • Artist studio management has never been easier.

    Artlogic for artists studios

    With the continual growth of the art market, artists often work with galleries in multiple countries. We know how important it is to keep track of your artworks at all times. Artlogic will streamline your studio management so that you can truly focus on the creative process. 

  • Artlogic have been fundamental in guiding our studio through the practical and design elements of my website. Not only have they the expertise to bring to life a vision, but they have a unique insight into the art world and it’s applications, which ensures that my work is presented to the highest standard, whilst the viewers experience is engaging.

    Dave White Studio, July 2015




    Store unlimited information about your clients, artists, suppliers and the people on your email list. Each record includes details of purchases, offers, conversations, consignments, invoices, relevant documents and more. Find contacts by categories, interests or purchasing behaviour. 




    Store unlimited images and information for artworks, including location, purchase details, insurance values, condition, provenance, shipping etc. Account for artworks in any currency. Generate a variety of branded documents and reports in seconds.



    Privateviews App

    Create and share tailored presentations of artworks and email collectors with details directly from your iPhone or iPad. It works offline for when you are on the road or at art fairs. Artlogic even creates automatic presentations of available works which keep in step with the inventory. 



    Website Integration

    If you have Artlogic Online, just check a box in your inventory to feature the work on your Artlogic website. You can easily add or remove multiple works from the site, with only a few clicks to completely refresh the works displayed for an artist.



    Invoicing & ACCOUNTS

    Create an invoice with ease and automatically update the contacts and artworks records. Add multiple artworks to an invoice, each with different discounts. In accounts, you can build reports, print lists and export data relating to bought, sold and consigned artworks.



    Sales & Marketing

    Boost your sales by creating privately curated webpages for collectors. Record client offers and never miss a sales opportunity. Manage and send personalised marketing emails. Create marketing events, then track attendees and past event histories. 

  • ARTLOGIC 3 – Available now

    Introducing our most powerful database yet. Entirely redeveloped from the ground up, Artlogic 3 offers increased control over your inventory, contacts, reports, accounts and more. Available as a free upgrade for all existing clients.

  • Choose an Artlogic 3 price plan

    • GBP
    • USD

    Artlogic Pro

    £ 120 / MO.
    + £35/ MO. per extra user
    • Fully-featured
    • 2 users included

    Artlogic One

    £ 60 / MO.
    • 1500 artworks
    • Single user system

    Artlogic One

    £ 35 / MO.
    • 500 artworks
    • Single user system
    • Support not included
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    We specialise in building websites for art galleries, artists and collections. Get started in just a few days with a fully-featured template website, or choose a tailor-made bespoke website.

    All of our websites are fully mobile friendly, offer shopping cart functionality, SEO tools, technical support and more.


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