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Manage your collection securely and privately.
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  • Your entire collection at your fingertips.

    Regardless of what you have in storage or hanging on your walls, we’ll make sure that your entire art collection is beautifully presented. With years of art collection management experience we have all the tools you could ever need in a completely secure system that’s available on any device. 

  • Laptop and phone with example database pages


    Store unlimited images and information for artworks, including location, purchase details, insurance values, condition, provenance, shipping etc. Account for artworks in any currency. Generate a variety of branded documents and reports in seconds.


    Privateviews App

    Create and share tailored presentations of your art collection directly from your iPhone or iPad. The app works offline so is perfect when you are travelling and unable to get on WiFi.


    Security & Backups

    Protecting your data is one of our primary concerns. All data is encrypted in transit with the same level of security as your online banking. Your art collection will be backed up daily in multiple locations.



    Store information about your suppliers, gallerists, advisors and even friends and family if you wish. Each record includes all contact details, conversations and communications, notes and images.


    Insurance Reports

    Take the pain out of insuring your art collection, with our automated insurance reports. Choose a currency, then add a specific insurance value or let Artlogic calculate

    the value for you.  


    Website Integration

    If you own a public or corporate art collection or perhaps you are looking to promote your foundation, we can help build the perfect website that links directly with Artlogic.

  • Artlogic has been crucial to the development of both Ibraaz Publishing and the Kamel Lazaar Foundation online presence and the Foundation artwork collection management with Art Logic Online. We also appreciate Artlogic's diligent and prompt support and the team’s availability to explain matters and resolve them in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

    Kamel Lazaar Foundation, June 2015

  • Choose an Artlogic price plan

    Artlogic Pro

    £ 120 per month
    + £35per month per extra user
    • Fully-featured
    • Unlimited email & phone support
    • 2 users included

    Artlogic One

    £ 60 per month
    • Slimmed-down
    • Single user system
  • Integrate

    View your collection on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Sensational designs. Ready in minutes.

    We specialise in building websites for galleries, artists and collectors. You can get started in just a few days with a fully-featured template website. All of our websites are mobile responsive, offer e-commerce, SEO tools and more.


  • Kamel Lazaar Foundation

    Kamel Lazaar Foundation

  • ipad and iphone with example private views pages


  • Available on any device, mac, pc & more

    Artlogic is based online so there is no need to install software on any specific machine. As long as you have access to the internet and the correct security settings you can access your art collection on any device, anywhere in the world.  

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