Artlogic Sales Pipeline

Redefining fine art sales.

The sales CRM platform for the art world.

Artlogic Sales Pipeline redefines fine art sales management, helping you to sell more with powerful offer creation tools, unprecedented levels of organisation and in-depth analytics. Integrated directly with the Artlogic Database, it provides everything you need to grow your business.


Create and manage sales opportunities in one central location. Build stunning offer emails and record sales on the go via our iOS sales app. With multi-source enquiry tracking website enquiries are automatically added and all offers made using other methods can also be recorded.


Keep all of your sales leads in one place, with complete visibility over the status of each sale, your priorities, and what actions need to be taken. Built right into the Artlogic Database, all your related artwork, contact and accounting records are kept updated in real time as offers move through the funnel.


See the bigger picture and understand how to grow your business further. Find out how artists, sales associates or gallery locations are performing and whether you’re on track to meet your targets. Discover trends, unlock hidden potential and accelerate your sales with greater accuracy.
People talking at an art gallery.

A revolutionary CRM.

To create, streamline and grow sales.

Sales Pipeline provides new ways for galleries, artists, dealers and art advisors to connect with collectors via our reimagined sales process. With the power of the Artlogic ecosystem, database, websites, Online Viewing Rooms and PrivateViews iOS app, it saves you time so you can focus on closing more deals.

Create stunning offers

Our industry-leading offer creation tools help you connect with collectors and showcase your artists and artworks in compelling ways.

Intelligent lead collection

Never miss an opportunity with offers from your website, Online Viewing Rooms, art fairs and all other sources in one central location.

Organise and Manage

Track and assign deals in a clear and organised workflow. Set follow-up dates, assign tags and collaborate with your colleagues.

Sales Funnel

Designed for the art world, our custom sales funnel provides clarity and oversight so you can close deals with efficiency and speed.

Data and Insights

Get detailed reports on your sales performance with sales by artist, consultant, and country, helping you to turn insights into actions.

Bring everything together

A fully integrated solution combining the database, websites, Online Viewing Rooms and the PrivateViews app.

Send powerful offer emails.

The ultimate conversation starter.

Creating stunning offer emails is now easier than ever. Using built-in tools, you can tailor emails to each of your client's needs. Selecting specific artwork details, editing prices, including high resolution links and attaching documents. Offer emails can be sent en masse or as highly personalised experiences. With ‘Private View’ links, you can engage clients with custom online presentations and, if you are away from your desk, you can create, record and present offers straight from your iPhone or iPad using the PrivateViews app.

Diverse lead collection

Never miss an opportunity.
  • Offer Emails
  • PrivateViews App
  • Websites
  • Online Viewing Rooms
  • Exhibitions
  • Art Fairs
  • Other sources

Offer emails

Create and send artwork offer emails individually or en masse.

PrivateViews App

Record offers sent via the app automatically in the Sales Pipeline wherever you are!


Track website enquiries and contact forms.

Online Viewing Rooms

Reach potential collectors with highly curated online exhibitions and track enquiries.


Record gallery conversations and potential on-site offers.

Art Fairs

Keep track of sales at particular art fairs so you know where your sales originated.

Other sources

Record offers from sources like Artsy, ArtNet, 1stDibs and many more.

Spend more time building relationships.

Our ecosystem of interconnected products helps to create the ultimate end to end customer experience. With the help of an Artlogic website you can effortlessly create online exhibitions and Online Viewing Rooms to drive engagement and enquiries. The intelligent lead collection system will automatically log offers from your website flagging up those which need your attention, so you never miss an opportunity.

A clear, intuitive and powerful workflow.

Organise your sales.

Keep track of all your sales in one central place, in real-time. As deals are created or come in, they are automatically placed into your sales funnel. The sales funnel provides a clear and easy way to manage your sales using ‘stages’. As you move each deal through the different stages of a sale, the artworks and contacts associated with that offer will be updated accordingly in your database. This carefully crafted process gives you company-wide visibility on an artwork’s status and where each sale is in the process, saving you time and avoiding costly mistakes.

The Sales Funnel

Reinvented for the art world


All your recorded offers, personalised offer emails and website enquiry forms are marked as 'Open' when created. The system will automatically flag which offers need following up.


When the client shows interest in an artwork you've offered them, it's time to mark the offer as qualified and continue negotiating, keeping a record of your conversations in the Pipeline.


When the deal is almost closed and the client wants to make sure they don't lose the artwork, you can mark it as temporarily reserved, making sure it isn't accidentally sold to another client.


Congratulations – you've made a sale! Mark the work as accepted, enter the invoicing and shipping details and automatically alert your finance team that the invoice can be created – or create the invoice yourself.


The invoice has been created, sent to the client and is awaiting payment.


Once the money is in the bank, details of the sale are added to the insights section, where owners and managers can analyse sales results.

Uniquely personal, highly collaborative.

No matter the size of your team, Sales Pipeline is designed to help everyone stay organised.


Users get a custom view of their sales so they can stay focused on their actions, priorities, and which sales need attention.

Small teams.

Managers can customise user privileges, assign sales leads and gain valuable insights with reports on sales performance.

Large teams.

Advanced team management enables sales associates to work collaboratively, sharing deals, artworks and hand off closed deals for invoicing to their accounts team.
Sales volume graphs

See the big picture.

And all the details.

Understanding your sales performance has never been easier. With Sales Pipeline Insights, you gain detailed reporting and statistics tailored for your gallery, studio or advisory. With your sales team managing their offers through the Sales Pipeline and your accounts team converting those offers into sales invoices, you'll gain powerful end-to-end sales and financial data.

Your sales performance.

Artists, artworks and team members. Insights provide a breakdown of sales by artist, consultant, and country. You can also track conversion time and compare the numbers of artworks sold to the total revenue earned.
Two people looking at a laptop.

Turn insights into actions.

View your data monthly, quarterly and yearly for a greater understanding of how your sales are performing over time to spot trends and set goals. Easily download sales overview reports to PDF, Word and Excel.

Integrated solutions

Database / Websites / Online Viewing Rooms / PrivateViews
+ Sales Pipeline.

Works like magic.

Integrated systems help to remove unnecessary double data entry, save you time and ultimately help to produce significantly more valuable and insightful data. Sales Pipeline is fully integrated with the Artlogic database, PrivateViews app, Artlogic websites and Online Viewing Rooms. This deep integration enables you to automatically record offers and enquiries generated by any Artlogic product in the Sales Pipeline, whilst simultaneously keeping contact, artwork and invoice records up to date at all times. This is the CRM platform designed for the art world.


Add to any Database plan
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£ 45 per user
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+ Artlogic Database package price

Offer tags

Group offers by art fairs, exhibitions or sales campaigns.

Follow up dates

Never miss an opportunity to connect with your clients.

Make deals on the go

Use our dedicated PrivateViews iOS app to make deals on the go.

Invoice creation

Effortlessly create invoices in minutes.

Personalised mass emails

Send offer emails to multiple contacts at once.

Offer history logs

Keep track of all your offers.

Multi-source enquiry tracking

Track all your enquiries whether they are made in-person or online in one location.

Sales Funnel

Designed uniquely for the art world, it provides a clear workflow for accomplishing sales.

Website & Online Viewing Rooms Sync

Enquiries from Artlogic websites and OVRs automatically get logged.

Real-time updates

Integration with the database means team members can see artworks and contact information updates in real-time.

Invoice preparation

Add discounts, enter notes and information on shipping before your accounts team create the invoice.

User control

You have full control over what people can see and which team members can perform certain actions.

Automatic inventory & contact updates

Artwork and contact records get automatically updated with information from sales pipeline.

Insights and reports

Get detailed monthly, quarterly and yearly sales reports.

Business card scanner

Scan a business card on your phone and easily convert it into a contact in your database (Beta feature available).

Document creation

Effortlessly create invoices and sales reports.

Getting started.

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