Our Team
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  • Peter Chater

    Peter Chater

    Founder & CEO
  • David Hooper

    David Hooper

    Founder & COO
  • Tom Brickman

    Tom Brickman

    Senior Director & Chief Creative Officer
  • Joe Elliott

    Joe Elliott

    Senior Director & Chief Commercial Officer
  • Josef Barta

    Josef Barta

    Director & Chief Technical Officer
  • David Castle

    David Castle

    Director of Artlogic Websites
  • Hannah Knights

    Hannah Knights

    Director of Artlogic Database Development
  • Serena Moodie

    Serena Moodie

    Director of Sales, The Americas
  • Kate Perutz

    Kate Perutz

    Director of Client Liaison
  • Jean-Baptiste Roux

    Jean-Baptiste Roux

    Head of Artlogic Database Sales
  • Angel Lin

    Angel Lin

    Head of Artlogic Website Sales
  • Lauren Halilej

    Lauren Halilej

    Senior Sales Consultant
  • Marie Li

    Marie Li

    Sales Consultant
  • Lorna Tiller

    Lorna Tiller

    Sales Consultant
  • Bethany Woolfall

    Bethany Woolfall

    Sales Consultant
Client Liaison
  • Sophie Bielders

    Sophie Bielders

    Client Liaison Team Lead
  • Rich Buttrick

    Rich Buttrick

    Senior Client Liaison
  • Catarina Sacramento

    Catarina Sacramento

    Senior Client Liaison
  • Oriel Steel

    Oriel Steel

    Senior Client Liaison
  • Paula Bosco

    Paula Bosco

    Client Liaison
  • Gaby Bloom

    Gaby Bloom

    Client Liaison
  • Ella Chapman

    Ella Chapman

    Client Liaison
  • George Greenhill

    George Greenhill

    Client Liaison
  • Madeleine Leaver

    Madeleine Leaver

    Client Liaison - Art Fairs & Events Specialist
  • Tilly Slight

    Tilly Slight

    Client Liaison
  • Stefania Sorrentino

    Stefania Sorrentino

    Client Liaison
  • Natasha Whiffin

    Natasha Whiffin

    Head of Art Fairs & Strategic Partnerships
  • John Duff

    John Duff

    Head of Marketing
  • Tom Hoare

    Tom Hoare

    Operations Manager
  • Agnieszka Antosz

    Agnieszka Antosz

    Finance Manager
Artlogic Database
  • Tom Ledger

    Tom Ledger

    Senior Developer
  • Duncan Rickelton

    Duncan Rickelton

    Product Coordinator & Web Developer, Artlogic Database
  • Hector Bennett

    Hector Bennett

    Web Developer
  • Connor Campbell

    Connor Campbell

    Web Developer
  • Erin Nicole Johnson

    Erin Nicole Johnson

    Web Developer
  • Aleem Ur-Rehman

    Aleem Ur-Rehman

    Web Developer
  • Dan Hawkins

    Dan Hawkins

    Product Manager & Developer, Template Websites
  • Nick Farr

    Nick Farr

    Performance Engineer, Developer
  • Chris Doughty

    Chris Doughty

    Web Designer & Developer
  • Rory Green

    Rory Green

    Web Developer
  • Jo Hooton

    Jo Hooton

    Web Developer
  • Oliver Small

    Oliver Small

    Web Developer
  • Harry Smith

    Harry Smith

    Web Developer
  • Miguel Villaespesa

    Miguel Villaespesa

    Head of Data Migration
  • Juan Armond

    Juan Armond

    Senior Data Engineer
  • Will Croxford

    Will Croxford

  • Kostas Aggelopoulos

    Kostas Aggelopoulos

    iOS Developer
  • David Evans

    David Evans

    Infrastructure Software Engineer
  • Zahra Ali

    Zahra Ali

    Web developer (Freelance)
  • Joe Madeira

    Joe Madeira

    Design & Data Migration (Freelance)
  • Tom Harrisson

    Tom Harrisson

    Sales Consultant (Freelance)