Artlogic Specialists
Get trusted freelance help with your database, website and graphic design.
  • AFB Consulting

    Services offered: Manual accessibility testing with a prioritised list of issues and clear, training on digital accessibility for engineers and designers; developer support from our accessibility engineers and development of accessibility roadmaps.
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  • Michelle Schultz

    Michelle Schultz

    Services offered: inventory and collections management, website development and design, database consultancy and training, data entry, cleaning and management. Canada (Edmonton) & USA (Los Angeles)
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  • Rachel Helfand Giuseppi

    Services offered: collection management and advice, database training, social media and photography. France (Montpellier)
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  • Valerie Chirigos

    Services offered: collection management, database training, data entry, graphic design and photography. France (Paris)
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  • Alice Bonnot

    Services offered: business management, database training, communication and PR strategy. Portugal (Lisbon)
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  • Branch Arts

    Services offered: Strategic communication, website development and design. United Kingdom (London)
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