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    Theme 1


    Slick, modern layouts that look great on all devices. Beautifully precise image grids and slideshows to make your content look great. Full Twitter feed and social media integration is built-in to all themes. 



    Theme 2


    Stunning full-bleed banner images let you easily create bold, immersive page designs. Showcase and sell your artworks, publications and exhibitions with optional online payment integration.



    Theme 3


    Perfect for galleries that deal in old master works. A classic look and feel, with beautiful font choices and coloured trim to match your branding. 



    Theme 4


    Stunning full-bleed homepage images and slick, contemporary detail pages. Minimal design features, perfect for both contemporary and classic content.



    Theme 5


    An elegant, contemporary design that places your content at the centre. A perfect starting-point to build your own unique website, using customised typography - now available in all themes. 



    Theme 6


    Easy to customise, this bold theme looks just as great with strong, vibrant colour as it does with monochromatic imagery. Great for photographic studios, galleries and artists.




  • THEME 7


    A stylish, contemporary design which is unconstrained in size. 



    We have over 50 websites running on our powerful website framework. View just a few examples below.  

  • Tommy Clarke

    Tommy Clarke

    Aperture Template
  • Ai Jing

    Ai Jing

    Aperture Template
  • Bernard Raphael

    Bernard Raphael

    Fifty-three Template
  • Ink Studio

    Ink Studio

    Aperture template
  • Golden Squared

    Golden Squared

  • Julia Chochola

    Julia Chochola

    Mode template

    Even more great features

    With complementary updates as standard, we are constantly improving our template website framework to include more powerful content management tools than ever.

  • Add online sales

    Our seamless online payment integration makes it simple and secure for people to purchase directly through your website. Sell artworks, publications or tickets to your events. Our checkout handles shipping, tax, notifications and it monitors stock. 



    Payment gateway fees apply in addition to our charges. Our main partner is which has details of their costs. 

  • Blogging Platform

    All ready-made websites include a powerful blogging platform, allowing you to publish your latest thoughts and findings. Create individual user profiles and allow your team to speak directly to your audience. Add media to posts and allow readers to share your content easily with built-in social media integration. 


    HElpful and friendly support

    Need a hand? We provide friendly telephone and email support during UK office hours, Monday to Friday 9:30 - 18:00 UK Time. Urgent email support 24/7. 

  • Safe and Secure

    A password-protected content management system, daily backups and regular software updates ensure that your website data is safe and secure, giving you complete peace of mind.



    Multiple languages

    Increase your global reach with multi-language functionality, supported in all templates. Easily update and maintain your own regional translations within the content management system.



    Artwork Categories

    Organise artworks into categories, allowing users to quickly find the content they need. Add and maintain your own custom categories from within the website content management system.



    ONline Payment

    Our seamless online payment integration makes it simple and safe to sell artworks, publications or even tickets to your forthcoming events. Easily handle shipping, send notifications and monitor stock.



    Viewing Rooms & Private pages

    Create password-protected presentation pages on your website. Select your most desirable artworks and limit access to the page with a username and password. 



    Bespoke design work

    Need something unique? Our bespoke websites are designed to your exact specification. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • Integrate

    Fully-integrated with the Artlogic database
  • Say goodbye to double data entry

    Integrate your website with the Artlogic Online database, allowing you to maintain your artworks in one central location. You can send new artworks to your website from the Artlogic database at the touch of a button, and changes to existing artworks will update automatically.

    We provide software to art galleries, artist studio’s and for art collection management.

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