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Whilst we are delighted to receive applications from individuals using the methods stated on our Careers pages, our company policy is that we do not generally work with recruitment agencies or organisations which assist in the recruitment process. We do not work with any firm offering nearshoring or offshoring. 


If you have people or services to offer us, please do not call us or contact us by email.  This goes for headhunters, job boards, offshore firms, job agencies as well as recruitment consultants.  If you do call, our team will keep the conversations as short as possible, they will not connect you to a director and you will be wasting your time. 


We get a lot of attention from recruitment firms and in over 20 years none of them have been successful, unless we have reached out to them becuase they have specific access to people in the fine art industry. So please take us off your list. If you are keen to land new clients and make your sales commission, pursuing us will not help you. 


Many thanks for your cooperation.