no server sharing, highest possible speeds, choice of geographical location, extended backups

    Get the absolute most out of your Artlogic database with our Private Server Service. Clients receive a dedicated top of the range Google server that will increase speed and provide added layers of security, in a geographical location of your choice.


    An abundance of power ready to cope with the busiest of days. Core features include:


    • dedicated 4vCPU server, 16GB RAM, 320GB disk
    • unlimited pre-caching of images for faster document creation
    • Monthly backups going back 2 years
    • your choice of geographical location
    • fast synchronisation with the PrivateViews app



    £400 / per mo. + VAT

  • Artlogic Dedicated Servers

    Artlogic Dedicated Servers

    Total Privacy, maximum speed, extended backups

    Artlogic Dedicated Servers


    Total Privacy, maximum speed, extended backups


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    Our dedicated servers are powered by 4vCPUs, each implemented as physical hyperthread of some of the most powerful Intel Xeon processors available. Together with 16GB of operating memory and 320GB disk you get abundance of power ready to handle the busiest of days. Hardware problems are automatically resolved by Google's highly trained staff so your data is always safe and secure. Our automatic systems monitor your server for problems day and night every 60 seconds.


    Server Specifications


  • server

    4vCPU server

    Your Artlogic database will have never been faster and more secure. Google’s 4vCPU servers are industry leading servers providing 16GB of RAM and 320GB disk space. 

  • images

    pre-caching of images

    By Pre-caching your images permanently, documents can be generated in a fraction of the time. Particularly when working with older database records. 

  • backups_time

    Longer backups

    Monthly backups going back 2 years, daily for 90 days. User modification history is stored for 1 year. Paid quota increases are available if required.

  • geographic

    geographically located

    With clients all over the world we now offer the ability to select your servers general geographic location. Such as the North East of America, Finland or the UK. 

  • pv_syncing

    Faster PrivateViews syncing

    No need to wait for updates to PrivateViews. With your own PrivateViews server, updates will be published to the app in a matter of minutes. 



    Google recently posted some fantastic photos of their data centres and server infrastructure, which Artlogic now utilises for all our operations including dedicated private client servers. It's pretty fascinating reading. Click on the images below to find out more. Or visit Google's datacenters website

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