• Hundreds of the world's top galleries and artist studios have moved to Artlogic.

  • For Galleries, Artists and collectors

    For Galleries, Artists and collectors

    Do more. Do it faster. Enjoy the ride.

    New features in Artlogic 3


  • sales

    Sales & Offers emails

    Send sales and offers for multiple artworks as personalised emails from within the database. Email multiple contacts in one go and then track their clicks on individual artworks.*

  • credit_card

    Take payments online

    Automatically generate links to take payments online in Artlogic invoices. Add 'Buy now' links to Private Views. (Requires a Stripe account).*

  • deadlines

    Track Deadlines

    View critical deadlines. Monitor time-critical Temporary Imports, consignments or loans. Important dates are automatically added to the Artlogic calendar.

  • documents

    New Invoicing Features

    Faster and more efficient ways to manage your sales, invoices and accounts. Create credit notes, add non artwork items to invoices and build more comprehensive financial reports.

  • sync_contacts

    Contacts & diary syncing

    Automatically synchronise your Artlogic contacts and calendar events to the native applications on phones, tablets and computers for offline use. Additional fees may apply.

  • qr

    QR Stock Control

    New QR code technology allows you to track and update the locations of your inventory on the fly.*

  • mobile

    Phone & tablet friendly

    Artlogic has a brand new mobile interface so you can access and edit your database on any device. 

  • email_tracking

    Email metrics

    Track click-throughs, campaign delivery reports and bounce backs. Additional fees may apply.*

  • books

    Library & Publications

    Catalogue your entire library and your publications for sale. Upload images and manage stock levels. 

  • profile_image

    Contact profile pictures

    Put faces to names. Identify your contacts quickly using uploaded profile images.

  • flag

    Improved Flagging System

    Quickly flag multiple artworks by clicking and dragging. Update your flagged items or all current search results.

  • images

    Image management

    Hugely improved image management, including faster uploading and easy reordering of artwork images.

  • editions

    Editions Management

    We now support many more edition types including Printers Proof, Hors de Commerce and more. Editions can also be unlimited. 

  • security

    Increased Security

    Even more security features. Optional two-factor authentication offers the highest possible protection. Administrators can check password strength for all users.

  • search

    Searching reimagined

    Groundbreaking new search features allow you to refine search results in seconds. Customise the search panel with the fields you use the most. 

  • * Some features may not be available until after the initial launch.

  • Beautiful new design

    Beautiful new design

    Because appearances matter

    We’ve packed 15 years experience of designing high-end fine art websites into creating a user experience that is enjoyable and easy to use. It respects the art, presents it elegantly and is optimized for every type of screen.


    The entire financial section of Artlogic has been transformed. It is full of new features with improved workflow, layouts, exports and documents. It's an even better way to manage your sales, invoices and accounts.




      You can create invoices inside the system for incidental items, such as shipping, publications, gallery hire, consultancy, etc. or add sundry items to artwork invoices. 

    • CreditCredit notes

      Choose some or all the works on an invoice to reverse sales that fall through. When you create the credit note, the system can optionally 'unsell' the artwork records, restoring them to their former state. 

    • InvoiceNew Invoice settings

      A new slide-in panel offers faster access to invoice settings, with options for margin scheme, ARR and three-way split sales along with improved functions for setting and tracking taxes. 

    • DocumentsFaster workflow

      Artworks and miscellaneous items can now be rearranged by drag and drop. Make sales in any currency, and show the artwork image in a great new layout.

  • Express Yourself

    Express Yourself

    Pin your favourite artworks to the home page

    Our new home page features a personalised overview of your favourite artworks and artwork lists, top contacts and key events in your calendar. This makes it simple to find the artworks you are currently working on and the people that matter most.

  • Catalogue your publications

    Manage your library & books for sale

    The new ‘Library & Publications’ module allows you to catalogue every book in your library and record detailed information about all the printed publications in your archive. You can also track stock levels and locations of publications you may have for sale.


    Supercharge your sales

    You can now send a selection of artworks with full artwork details and images directly from the database to one or many clients. Each message is sent individually and personalised. You can track responses (received,  opened, clicked) by recipient and even which artworks they viewed. Later in 2016, you will be able to add links to ‘Buy now’ for online card payment.

  • Contact sync

    Contact sync


    Select up to 2,000 contacts from your Artlogic database to sync directly to the native contacts applications on your phone, tablet or laptop. This works with the Calendar module too, making key contact and diary info available even when you are offline.  Each employee device may be set up individually, giving you control over who has access to your data. Additional fees may apply.

    Contact sync
  • Hassle-free imports

    Hassle-free imports

    We are data migration experts, providing the highest degree of accuracy and accountability to give you absolute peace of mind. No matter the system, we can import it. Contact us for a quote.


    • ArtBase
    • ArtButler
    • artcloud
    • ArtForm
    • ArtScene
    • ArtSystems
    • All FileMaker Systems
    • All Excel files
    • Collectrium
    • Masterpiece Manager
    Hassle-free imports
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    Artlogic One

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    Artlogic One

    £ 60 per month
    • Slimmed-down
    • Single user system
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