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Founded in 1994 and based in London & New York, Artlogic is on a mission to transform the art industry. We take what makes galleries, artists & collectors tick and turn it into something beautiful that they can share with the world. With our industry leading products and first-class customer service, we aim to make the business of art more efficient, giving our clients the time and the space to do the things they love.


As we continue to rapidly expand across the global art market, we are looking for a motivated and driven individual who is eager to join our sales team and deliver amazing results for our clients. The Client Liaison’s main responsibility will be helping to support our clients by answering their phone and email requests. Support is an essential part of our business as it ensures client satisfaction by providing education as to how our products work and resolving any issues reported.



Key ares of responsibility



  • It will be a core part of your role to provide front line support, primarily to our North and South American clients. Support encompasses handling phone / email requests about the Artlogic database, use of Artlogic CMS (website management), our PrivateViews app and mailings. Some enquiries are simple but a great many to begin with, will require you to find out the answer and relay, it in timely manner to the client or sales lead. Developing your support skills will expand your knowledge of our products and systems, introduce you to a large number of clients and flex your communication skills with clients and within our team. As we receive hundreds of sales or support enquiries every week, handled between four development teams, two offices in different time zones it requires a excellent organisational skills to respond to everyone promptly.


    You will need to communicate with the Head of Client Liaison and development teams to report and resolve technical issues, learn about developments to the product and supply feedback to assist with streamlining overall processes. You will also be asked to help test new features and iterations of our iOS app.
  • Provide assistance to both our clients and your colleagues by creating bills and answering enquiries. Billing for ongoing and extraordinary items can be quite convoluted.
  • Help to create help notes for the database and website CMS where questions are repeatedly asked by clients that could be resolved via help notes. 


After due time

  • You will be asked to provide training for new clients.
  • In due time, you will be able to help manage data imports. Clients that are transferring from other systems often require help with explaining the process, reminding them of milestones, managing expectations and explaining how to test and continue to clean their data once it is imported. You will be to help gather feedback from the client and to relay this feedback to the import developers so that they can correct mistakes and make sure that data has been imported into the correct fields and that the client is satisfied.

In addition to the above

  • Assess our current systems and always be looking to streamline processes and save time where possible.
  • Gather feedback on feature request that are made by clients. Assess whether the feature request has merit and log the request in our project management software. Occasionally, you may want to escalate certain requests to more senior team members if you believe a change is necessary or that the requested feature could have a particularly positive impact on multiple clients.
  • Other organisational tasks that would help the functioning of the office as required.


Key attributes 

  • Self-starter with an enthusiastic character. Someone that thrives on human interactions and has a desire to help find the best solution possible.

  • Good analytical ability for problem solving and trouble shooting.
  • Deductive thinking and ingenuity to help test systems, locate / diagnose faults, solve process issues and find answers or workarounds to a wide range of issues.
  • Excellent knowledge of the art market.
  • Strong desire to learn and to accept input from your fellow team members. Must also know when to ask for help or guidance.
  • High degree of computer literacy, familiarity with Mac OSX and iOS and detailed knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel. Adequate touch-typing skills. Familiarity with PhotoShop, HTML, Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, programming languages, platforms might be helpful.
  • Ability to focus intelligently on tasks and, not only see the wider picture of priorities, but also how we could do the same things better.
  • The desire and ability to concentrate on your work without close supervision and work without distracting colleagues.
  • Good analytical ability for problem solving and studying raw data.


Performance indicators

  • Organisation and time management - being able to manage your tasks which will have competing deadlines and various timelines, organise your thoughts, your to do list and yourself so you stay in control of your time, communicate effectively if there are any issues affecting deadlines or the progress of tasks and projects.
  • Fast response to assistance requests from colleagues and clients, which includes answering the phone and helping in any way you can with the caller’s requests.
  • Clear, friendly, economical communication style
  • Effectiveness - get tasks done rapidly without fuss making sure that you feed back to your senior colleagues on the status of tasks and projects.
  • Forward planning – being able to see if you are able to complete tasks required of you and making provision to discuss them, get help and prepare ahead of time.
  • Terrific eye for detail in testing our systems and analysis of any issues.
  • Ability to juggle tasks, manage expectations, report back and prioritise effectively.
  • Establishing effective working relationship with clients and colleagues.
  • Using good judgment in what, when and how to communicate with clients, when to articulate ideas to colleagues, when to ask for help, when to clarify or pass up support questions to a colleague, how important your questions are and when to interrupt colleagues with a question. 
  • Sometimes the imperatives of the company and the development of a whole product area must come before the needs of an individual client, which takes some diplomacy, quick-thinking if you have someone on the phone!
  • Ability to use, solicit and maintain information to liaise with other people and manage projects.
  • Faultless attitude and behaviour towards security of the office and data.


Our approach

Our style with clients is friendly, intelligent, experienced and understanding. It recognises that our clients’ needs shape our services and understanding them is a valuable opportunity.  In every piece of design, the development of our user experiences and all our technical innovation, we need to see things from another person’s point of view using imagination, insight, experience of business processes, empathy and common sense.


Our approach has enabled us to make user-friendly websites, administration systems and database solutions; to anticipate our clients’ requirements; to communicate clearly and be easy to work with.  It enables us to create a vision of the future for ourselves and for the online identity of our clients.


No matter what the actual job description, every member of the team needs to be a considerate, hard-working, highly motivated, friendly and effective individual who communicates well and works harmoniously with others.


We are part of a community of creative businesses in a former group of factory buildings which has extensive indoor secure bike parking, lockers , showers and an awesome canteen on the site.


This is a brilliant opportunity that will see you join a rewarding company with fantastic training and career development in a great working environment, oh, and lunch on Fridays. 


How to apply

Send your CV and covering letter to