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100 reasons to love Artlogic, find yours.

Email Analytics

See what's working and what's not in your email campaigns through rich data so you can find new ways to connect with collectors.

Mailing List API

Easily connect your existing email marketing services like Mailchimp with your website to grow your audience.

Email RSVP Function

Get RSVPs through emails, so you know who's attending an art fair, dinner or private view.

Email Marketing

Create and send beautiful emails to collectors with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder.

View on a Wall

Virtually install artworks on a wall, so collectors can better sense an artwork’s scale and envision it in their own home.

Own Art Calculations

Integrate the part payment provider Own Art on your website so collectors can see payment calculations for artworks.

Augmented Reality

Seamlessly blend the virtual and real-world, delivering an engaging experience for collectors and enabling them to digitally hang artworks on their walls.

E-commerce Stores

Drive sales on your website with built-in online stores and manage all your online sales from one place.

Data Capture Forms

Capture key details about potential collectors, such as name and email, so you can engage with them in the future to build long-lasting relationships.

SEO Tools

Stay optimised for search engines with our built-in SEO tools, giving you or an SEO consultant control over elements of each page.

Alternate Text Image Captions

Help someone using assistive technology engage with your website with Alt-Text captions, enabling the image to be described to them through screen readers or other assistive technology.

Website Translations

Connect with collectors across the world and display multiple languages on your website.

Tracking Tags

Add an advertising tracking tag, such as Facebook Pixel, to your website to help you monitor advertising campaigns or target new collectors.

Online Viewing Rooms

Proven to drive collector engagement, our OVRs help you extend your gallery space in minutes and create a highly curated online experience.

Apple Pay

Grow your online sales with quick checkout and payment on your website using Apple Pay.

Art Fair News Pages

Keep collectors up-to-date with your art fair calendar so they know which fairs to visit to view their favourite artists.

News Pages

Keep collectors and visitors up-to-date with your latest press releases, exhibition announcements, private view dates and other types of news.

Embed Videos and Audio

Curate compelling stories online by easily embedding videos and audio to help collectors stay engaged.

Bounce Management

We take the heavy lifting out of maintaining your email sender reputation so you can focus on crafting stunning campaigns.

Website accessibility guidelines

To help you create a website accessible to more people, we have built-in tools and help documents to support you.

Website Privacy and Cookies

Built-in cookie banners and privacy pages mean you can always give your audience a choice over how you handle their data.

Event Lists

No matter what event is coming up, you can create easy-to-manage lists of attendees and keep track of who attended and didn't so you can follow up after the event.

Related artworks

Related artworks help collectors easily discover and browse other artworks they might like on your website.

GDPR management tools

Ensure your marketing campaigns, contacts subscriptions and how you process information are always GDPR compliant with our built-in tools.

Image captions

Captions annotate artwork images to provide extra information to collectors and buyers.

Email merge tags

Personalise your email campaigns with elements like a recipient's first name, so it feels like it is addressed to them when it arrives in their inbox.

UK Margin Scheme calculator

We've consulted directly with HMRC to take the headache out of calculating the UK margin scheme. We'll help to ensure you don't add things like sundry items to Margin Scheme invoices or combine Margin Scheme artworks with artworks that are not on the scheme, ensuring regulatory compliance every time.

Three-way-split calculation

Invoice a consignee gallery for your share and the artist's share when an artwork on consignment is sold.

Individual discounts on invoices

Easily apply discounts to individual items on your invoices rather than discounting all items.

Track commissions/ finders fees

Add and track a salesperson commission as well as outside finders fees.

Credit notes

Easily create credit notes and apply them to invoices when the time is right.

Multi-Currency Function

Record and display multiple currencies for artworks and display them on documents, presentations, and the sales app.

Deadline tracker

Easily keep track of artwork consignments, admissions, loans and reservation deadlines.

Library management

If your gallery has a library, archive or bookshop, you can keep track of stock, record provenance information, and store images and relevant files.

User access controls

Manage who can access which parts of your system and what level of information they can view, edit and save.

Contacts organisations

If you have multiple contacts who all fall under the same organisation, you can connect them as members of the organisation or simply as related contacts.

Save searches

Save time by accessing regularly-used searches for quick access to specific searches.

Artwork lists

Artwork lists help you easily group artworks together, helping you manage things like loans, shipping, exhibitions and consignments.

Grouped editions

Group editions by different sizes and easily share them with your website.

Related contacts

Connect contacts by relationships to keep track of things like family members, art advisors or friendships.

Shipping invoices

Easily generate a list of artworks for shipment and auto-populate details into an artwork record.

Smart stock number generation

Get help when it comes to managing stock numbers with an automatic continuation of the artist's stock number from the previous entry when importing new artworks.

Artwork archive

Separate artworks you no longer need or don't want to list alongside your main artworks.

Bulk image download

Export multiple images and secondary images of various sizes through our Google Chrome extension.

Keyboard shortcuts

Get around at lighting speed with easy shortcuts that make navigating to different sections or performing specific tasks a breeze!

Log history

Get an entire history of all the actions performed in your database to track changes, see who performed an action, and understand what information was changed to feel in complete control of your data.

Admin-only contacts

Keep VIP or sensitive contacts hidden from team members.

Multi-gallery invoicing

Segment invoices so they only appear for specific teams in various locations or galleries.

Restore deleted records

Restore accidentally deleted artworks, contacts, invoices and many more bits of data in a few simple clicks.

Undo mass updated records

Artworks and contacts which have been accidentally updated en masse can be easily undone.

Multi-gallery stock management

Assign artworks to gallery locations so they are only visible to those teams. Artworks which are not assigned to a specific gallery remain visible to both.

Generate certificates of authenticity

Gain visibility over your certificates of authenticity, monitor their status and add relevant tracking numbers, notes or documents.

Self-import tool for artworks

Effortlessly transfer artwork data from an excel spreadsheet into your system at any time using our self-import tools.

Self-import tool for contacts

Bring contact and marketing lists into your system via an excel spreadsheet.

Safe mode

Present your system to collectors in safe mode and have complete confidence that important and sensitive information is hidden.

Mutli-gallery functionality

Split inventory and invoices across multiple locations so teams can focus on what matters to them.

Insurance reports

Select relevant artworks and generate insurance reports in seconds. Export word or excel so they can be easily shared.

Activity Timeline

Stay on top of an artwork's history, track documentation and reports with automatically updated artwork and contact records.

Cloud-based access

As long as you have access to the internet, you can securely access your data on any device, anywhere in the world—no need to install software on your computer.

Secure Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your account with our secure two-factor authentication, helping to prevent unwanted login attempts.

Production costs

Enter production costs so you can gain projected profits and profit margins.

Update multiple

Say goodbye to updating items individually. Update multiple artworks or contacts in a few clicks!

Belgium Margin Scheme

If you operate in Belgium and deal in secondary market artworks, use our built-in tool to help calculate the tax on the margin between the buying and selling prices rather than on the full selling price of the artwork.

Personalised Favourites on homepage of database

Pin your favourite artworks or the ones you need to access all the time for an upcoming show to your home screen, giving you quick access after you've logged in.

Update multiple websites at once

Save time and populate multiple websites with your artists and artworks from one system.

Advanced Search

Easily find that one artwork or contact among thousands with advanced searching capabilities.

Automatic tax rate calculations in the E.U.

Calculate the tax based on the rate of the country the artwork is being shipped to rather than the country it is shipped from when within the European Union.

Invoice Creation

Effortlessly generate invoices for sales and keep track of which has been paid or waiting for payment.

Contact Activity Levels

Highlight the importance of a contact and the level of their engagement with your gallery.

Prints & Editions management

Manage all of your prints and editions from one place, grouping artworks together with grouped editions.

Custom Document Headers and Footers

Create and upload template documents with your custom headers and footers.

Publication Management

Manage all your catalogue raisonné, exhibition catalogues and monographs from one place and keep track of things like condition, publishing notes and edition details.

Document Storage

Storage additional documents on artworks, publications and contacts so you can quickly access relevant information.

Customisable search filters

Refine your search with multiple custom fields that are tailored to how you run your business.

Location QR code tracking

Generate QR codes and apply them to your artworks, so you perform stock checks by scanning the codes and updating location information when needed.

Artsy integration

List artworks on Artsy within a few clicks and keep artwork details automatically updated on Artsy so you don't have to export and import your artworks to Artsy.

Customer Due Diligence checks

We've made managing CDD checks easier with CDD statuses, expiration dates of CDDs and CDD reminders, so you know when you need to perform new CDDs or update contacts.

Anti Money Laundering Directive 5 Checks

Our AMLD5 invoice compliance tool means you can set the AMLD5 status of your invoices and easily see whether you have completed your AML checks or whether the customer's due diligence has already been approved or failed.

Installation Views

Collectors can view images of installation views of artworks in private presentation links, on the sales app or your website.

Documents for Presentations

Store relevant documents with presentations so collectors can view information like artist statements and press releases.

Offer Emails

Using built-in tools, you can tailor emails to a collector's needs. You can select specific artwork, amend prices and include high-resolution images and documents.

Projected profit chart per artwork

Know how much to discount an artwork without losing profit with individual artwork profit projections.

Market intelligence

Knowledge is everything! Easily log art market activity of inbound sales, potential sales and buying opportunities against contacts and artworks.

Private View Links

Share a customised presentation of artworks with collectors. Include additional images, viewing options and options to purchase.

Sales Funnel

Designed uniquely for the art world, the sales funnel makes sure you are always able to keep sales moving forward in an organised and clear way.

Intelligent lead collection

Never miss an opportunity with offers from your website, Online Viewing Rooms, art fairs and all other sources in one central location.

Conversion Time

Gain insights into how long it takes to convert sales with average deal close times and best performing conversion times.

Sales Insights

Get detailed reports on your sales performance by artist, sales consultant, and country, helping you to turn insights into actions.

Sales Reports

Create reports so you can share them with your team or management and update everyone on sales numbers and targets.

Assigned Sales Leads

Assign a single deal or a group of deals to a particular salesperson, so everyone knows which deal they are nurturing.

Trackable sales emails

Know if a collector has received or opened a sales email and keep track of them in your sales pipeline so you know when you need to follow up with them.

Shared deal management

Split a deal between two or more on the sales team helping multiple people to close a deal and earn a commission.

Present artworks offline

Take your inventory with you and present it to collectors at an art fair, event or anywhere you want. It even works without wifi or an internet connection.

Sales team management

Advanced team management enables sales teams to work collaboratively, sharing deals and handing off closed deals for invoicing to their accounts team.

Individually focused sales view

Get a custom view of your sales so you can stay focused on your actions, priorities, and which sales need attention.

Invoice preparation

Add discounts, notes and information on shipping before your accounts team create the invoice.

Business card scanner

Scan a business card on your phone and easily convert it into a contact in your system.

Offer tagging

Group offers and deals by art fairs, exhibitions or sales campaigns, making it easy to stay on top of all your different campaigns.

Real-time updates

Artworks and contacts are updated in real-time, so when an artwork is sold it can't be offered to another collector.

Personalised offer emails enmasse

Send offer emails to multiple collectors at once and track and use built-in tools to add a personalised touch to help nurture the sale.